Tuesday, December 04, 2012

What we are reading now.....

 By Anna Reid
Anna Reid in her new history Leningrad: The Epic Siege of World War II, 1941-1944 has taken up the challenge of capturing the vast scope of that city’s wartime misery, and along with it the universe of tragedies both civilian and military. In Reid’s able effort, the siege solidifies its repute as a high-water mark for suffering imposed on a great metropolis. No reader of Leningrad can be left with anything less than a complete picture, and a case of exhaustion. It takes an abiding curiosity or some unwavering personal attachment to endure a tale like this. People waste away on these pages, dying for each other, eating each other, writing letters of love and goodbye.  A definitive history of the battle for Leningrad as seen from inside the city. Well done!



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