Saturday, January 19, 2013

What We Are Reading Now….

Laura Kasischke spins a web of a teen’s nightmare and the relentless ache that revisits itself over and over again in midlife as a doting wife and mother.  Best friends Diana and Maureen are preening in the girl’s restroom at school when a classmate enters holding a gun and asks the teen girls which one should be killed.  The brunette would urge her schoolmate to kill her and not her friend.  Beautiful blonde Diana can’t feel herself breathing and can only hear the jangling of her bracelet and the screams in the hall.  What happened in that bathroom that started out innocent enough with two girls giggling, chatting and wasting time would affect Diana for the rest of her life.  The novel reads like a chilling tale of a school shooting and the continuous haunting of a heinous act against humanity that threatens our culture today.  This page turner unfolds a template that is all too familiar; just the details change …different name, place, etc. for the next school shooting and the horror that unfolds in another bad deed in a place where it didn't happen to us.another bad deed in a place where it didn't happen to us.what we all hope will not happen at all again and again and again.  A film (available on DVD), based on author Laura Kasischke's novel with director Vadim Perelman's provocative study of memory, morality, and conscience stars Uma Thurman as the guilt-ridden survivor of a harrowing, Columbine-like high-school shooting.



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