Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What We Are Reading Now...

No author evokes working class Boston more than Dennis Lehane. His thoughts on the tragic events of the Boston marathon appear in the New York Times today, in the op-ed piece “Messing with the Wrong City.”
Lehane's books can be taut, suspenseful entertainment, yes, but so much more. The characters are complex and ambiguous and the depiction of Boston seems to come straight from the heart. In the words of critic Pam Lambert, they have "a sense of place as palpable as the pungent tang of garlic in the North End air."
Several of his books have been made into terrific movies as well, including Mystic River, Shutter Island and Gone Baby Gone. Lehane's two most recent books are a slight departure in genre and take place in a Boston of the past.  Live by Night is set during Prohibition, and is nominated for the Edgar Award for Best Novel this year.  It follows The Given Day, in which the Boston Police Strike as well as the Molasses Disaster of 1919 are brought vividly to life. 
All are recommended. 
The library has many of Lehane's books in audio and ebook as well as good old paper. 



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